Rekey a lock – when, why and how?

Rekey a lockRekeying a lock is often the best option. By rearranging a special group of mechanisms (pins) inside the lock cylinder, the key used so far to unlock it stops working. The effect is as if the entire lock has been changed, but with the difference that the procedure is at a much lower cost.

When is it good to do it?

Whenever you want to restrict the access of certain person to your property, it is appropriate to look for a locksmith to rekey  the lock. The same is true when you have lost your key, and even more so when you suspect that the key has been stolen.

The rekey a lock service is a great alternative. Anyone who moves into a new property (home or business premises) should seek a licensed and insured locksmith company to complete the procedure. It is impossible to be 100% sure that no one else has a key of your home door.

Some situations, such as separation with a family member or employee, also necessitate a quick change of the locking mechanism so as to restrict the person’s access  to the property with the key previously provided to him. Even if it was returned, there is no guarantee that it has not been duplicated before.


Why is it important to perform this type of operation?

Changing the front door lock can be done in two ways – by changing the security lock, or by rekeying the lock. The second option is much more appropriate and here we will tell you why. The operation is primarily about security, so if you want to protect your values and yourself, it is imperative that you seek such a service.

The financial side of the procedure is another important argument. Rekeying saves not only time but also a lot of money. Depending on the kind and complexity of the locking hardware, as well as the number of locks, it may be possible to replace the locks for several hundred dollars. With this simple action you could save yourself unnecessary costs.

How should it be done?

When you need to rekey a lock, you need to count on professional service. Only a skilled locksmith knows how to rearrange the mechanisms inside the cylinder so that the key used so far becomes unusable. It is also the only option to supply a new key to fit the new pin arrangement.

For most locks, the number of pins in the cylinder varies between 5 and 7. Changing the position of each of them is an extremely difficult task that requires solid knowledge and experience. Even a minimal mistake could damage the lock , make it unusable and necessitate a replacement of the locking device and make it more expensive to replace the lock.

The right thing to do is to call a trusted locksmith as soon as an event occurs. Do not delay because it can cost you too much. Call a professional you trust completely to do the job.