Professional services from locksmith in Pickering

Locksmith near me in Pickering

Residents of the region can now take advantage of a wide range of professional services covering all aspects of locking. We work with best modern mechanisms and electronic locks, providing protection to our private and commercial customers (factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores).


Access control systems offer a flexible but high-quality way to provide the right people with access to the right areas of your property. Our company provides and specializes in building stand-alone security systems and centralized access control via a computer or Cloud-based application.

This includes voice and video entry systems, as well as fingerprint, PIN code, and swipe card operated locks. Whatever your security needs, our perfectly trained staff can help you.

With our help, you will be able to control which visitor to which zone is allowed to enter, restrict access to premises containing valuable assets, and integrate your control system with other security solutions such as video surveillance, alarm alerts, and so on.



The sectors we service include:


Thefts and vandalism could cause a disaster in any commercial office or building. No matter which security system you choose to install, it must be discreet enough for your customers to feel welcome. At the same time, it needs to be as effective as possible in preventing theft and other crimes.

By identifying your security needs and identifying weaknesses in the current security system, we can design a customized solution capable of giving you full control over access to your property. We specialize in all aspects of commercial security systems, including centralized and integrated locks, vandalism-resistant cameras and security grilles.

If you need a qualified and licensed locksmith in Pickering, contact us.


To owners and tenants of homes in this beautiful region of Toronto, we offer a full range of services related to the locking hardware of the entrance doors and the critical entry points – windows, garages and more. We are your trusted locksmith in Pickering, whom you can count on every day, whether it’s a working day or a public holiday.

Some of the things you own are valuable, but you will probably realize the importance of a home security system after being  stricken by trouble . Even the best quality locks can fail to provide protection to your home. Protect your property and loved ones with a security solution that also acts as a visible deterrent.

We serve not only Pickering but much of the Greater Toronto Area, and specialize in intruder  alarms, high-end access control systems and the latest generation locks and padlocks for doors and windows.

Schools and other institutions

If you run a school, a hospital, or a sheltered housing facility, it is your responsibility to ensure the protection and well-being of the people under your roof. Protected car parks, lockdown against intruders and access control to allow staff into authorized areas during their shifts are all pretty standard measures that we can help with to secure your premises.

As a leading licensed locksmith in Pickering, we also offer emergency  services 12 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are proud of our professional experience and technical know-how when it comes to supplying and fitting all locks

If you accidentally get locked out of  your home or need to improve your home or business protection, call us now for a free survey or affordable emergency locksmithing service.