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Serge From Toronto “Great service, came on time, did the job required very professional and courteous. E-mail: circuitsurfer@gmail.com for personal Recommendation.”

Richard Corso from East York “I needed a locksmith and Locksmith Care specialist came very quickly after I call them. Very professional. They were very reasonable cost wise.I am very satisfied with their service and will recommend them to anyone.*

Dimitre Arapov “I"ll put it in a few words...I locked myself out and I needed locksmith urgently. The service provided by LOCKSMITH CARE was fast, reliable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. *



Miriana M from East York “I needed a lock on my patio door and change of the locks to my basement apartment. I like the honesty, suggestions and professionalism of the company representative that came to my door. I found the cost very reasonable for all the work I had done. I would recommend Locksmith Care to anyone. I found them on FB through a friend.*

Mclean Vet “We needed a locksmith and Locksmith Care specialist came very quickly after I call them. Very professional. They were very reasonable cost wise. I am very satisfied with their service and will recommend them to anyone. *

Kandarp - Toronto

“I called these guys up to replace a broken door lock.  They were helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, timely, and efficient.  Great service!  A true professional and expert in his craft.  Highly recommended. *

A In Downtown Toronto Jul 26, 2013

The service was good and fast and reasonably priced. The guy who answered the phone and who came was a bit terse and not very good at answering questions, but he got the job done in a timely and efficient manner and stuck to his quote.

Amika Evans from Toronto Oct 31/13

Lost the only key I received from my condo to access my mail. I refused to pay more than $90 (which 98% of companies in the city are quoting), and was determined not to. Most places are also very vague in giving a quote. I was once told "between $45-$150 plus a service fee". What's that suppose to mean? Some surprises I do not like, in this case I did not want to be surprised when they showed up. Locksmith Care came in on time, replaced my lock in 10 min. and was incredibly nice. Just goes to show, there are honest companies out there. I would HIGHLY recommend! Do not waste your time with the other guys. Thank you again Locksmith Care.*

Kevin from Toronto Nov 06/13 I needed the front door deadbolt replaced and patio door re-keyed at my new house, and Locksmith Care was able to provide same day punctual service at a very reasonable price. The service was great and Dimitar was able to replace the cheap deadbolt that was originally installed with a better quality one that I had purchased, but that had different dimensions. He also took the time to improve the original installation of the face plate on the door frame to make it more secure, which I really appreciated. *

Gerry from east york Nov 16/13 Needed a dead bolt installed on side door entrance and got a hassle free price with no additional fees tacked on. The technician arrive on time and completed the job in a timely manner. He even made the extra effort to ensure that the lock operated smoothly on the door which was over 30 years old. Highly recommend this company. *

Watty from Toronto Nov 18/13 Called for a service on Lock, said out wasn't a panic, I could still get it locked in a pinch. They showed up in 20 min. very pleasant, calm and worked to sort out my problem for 1.5 hours. Turned out to be a faulty Lock (new). He was happy not to charge any extra for the time spent. That is super refreshing !! Thanks Locksmith Care !!! *

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