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Locksmith Etobicoke
Whether you are locked out of your home or you just want to change the keys or to install secure entry system to protect your home or office you will need professional and reliable locksmith services at Etobicoke.

Regardless of the urgency of your situation and your need for quality and secure protection, you are in the right place. In Locksmith Care, we offer a complete and permanent residential and comercial locksmith services.

Why choose us?

Let’s make a virtual walk through Etobicoke. Did you know that it was only a municipality in the west of the city of Toronto before? It became an independent city in 1984. It is believed that the name „Etobicoke ” means “a place where black / wild walnuts grow”. The city includes only 13% of Toronto’s population, but occupies about 20% of its total area.

In this great city, the professional help of an experienced professional locksmith is extremely necessary, so we offer it to you. We have the necessary experience to deal successfully with any lock problem. We provide emergency locksmith services, repair and replacement of locks and complete security solutions for protection of people and property. We are proud to supply and install all kinds of locks.


We are professionals and we can help

To ensure that our reputation, impeccable list of activities and our outstanding customer relationships remain unsurpassed, we focus on continuous improvement and encourage innovation. This is why our technicians periodically retrain. We have to stay at top of the game.

Locksmith is an exact service. You certainly do not want to be the victim of fraudsters capable of causing more harm than benefits because they are not professionally trained. In case of urgency you can be sure that we will try to be at your disposal as soon as possible. We also offer very competitive prices.

  • Whether you have just moved to Etobicoke and need to improve your home security;
  • You are the owner of a business premises in need of updating the locking hardware;
  • You just locked yourself out of your home.

Call us. Our services are at your disposal 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We have everything you need, and as a bonus we will give you tip on how to improve your home and office protection.

Etobicoke residents deserve quality locksmith services in their area. With a population of over 365,000 people of different ethnicity and race, this part of Toronto has a serious need for us, so our company is the right decision when you need trusted locksmiths in Etobicoke Ontario.

This neighborhood is home to people from all over the world – Europeans, Africans, South and East Asian citizens, as well as Middle Eastern emigrants. In such a diverse palette of ethnic groups, every home and business building needs reliable locks and locking systems that established Locksmith Etobicoke experts are ready to provide.

Among the advantages of our company to all other locksmiths operating in the region, we can point out:

High quality of services – low prices

No one wants to pay more for something that could get at a slightly lower price, and Etobicoke inhabitants know us with our affordable prices. At the same time, the low price does not affect the quality of our work and the products we work with.

We only use quality locking systems and mechanisms to be able to fully meet the needs of our customers. As for our work as an Etobicoke Ontario locksmith, we are proven professionals for whom each task is equally important and responsible.

Fast response every day of the week

Characteristic of locksmith services is the urgency of most calls. No problem with locking can be delayed. If your door is locked unintentionally while you are standing outside or you are a victim of robbery or you are facing a sudden damage to the locking mechanism, we as a licensed mobile locksmith Etobicoke will be at your address as quickly as possible.

We are among the locksmiths in Etobicoke who work both on weekends and on holidays. We aim to give you the certainty that your home and business will not remain unprotected due to a faulty locking mechanism. We will not let you stay in the rain when it turns out that the key of your home is lost or you have forgotten it inside before shutting the front door.

Our company is a licensed and insured locksmith on the territory of Toronto

It is important to know that not all locksmiths in Etobicoke Ontario have professional accreditation and permission to practice this complex and highly responsible profession. You will be at risk when hiring people with dubious past and morals. By giving them free access to your door locks, you allow completely unknown people to get closer to your values, company assets, relatives and employees.

Locksmith Care, on the other hand, is a licensed locksmith who has the right to practice this very responsible profession. Accreditation obliges us not only to do our work in good faith but also to justify the full trust of our clients. You probably do not know, but people with a criminal record are not allowed to serious professional companies, and the people who have joined our team have passed all the necessary checks.

Not every locksmith in the region has a professional insurance, so when choosing a cheaper service, it’s important to know that the low cost can cost you very expensive. Sometimes damage to expensive components of the locks and other parts of the client’s property occurs. The insured locksmith makes complete damage recovery while non-insured companies can escape responsibility and make you pay all expenses caused by improper service.

A specially developed set of services suitable for both residential and business customers

The services of our well-established locksmith firm in Etobicoke Ontario can benefit both citizens and large corporations. Although the quantity and nature of the services are quite different for the two categories of customers, their quality is equally high. We approach with respect and great responsibility to each individual customer.

Homeowners and tenants in this part of the city can look for us in the most complex situations – inadvertently locked doors, damaged locks and emergency locking of locking mechanisms. On the other hand, commercial customers like factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores could look for us as a licensed commercial locksmith when they need to increase security and control in their office and industrial buildings.