Professional Services By Locksmith In Vaughan

Locksmith near me in Vaughan

Servicing the Greater Toronto area and the city of Toronto, Locksmith Care is also a preferred locksmith in Vaughan. We offer premier lockmithing service, guaranteeing the peace and security of households and businesses in the city. We operate in this area since 2010. We have an unparalleled reputation in the security industry and we’ve been at the forefront of burglary prevention and the development of custom security solutions for homeowners and businesses alike for quite some time.


As an established Vaughan locksmith, our business covers various aspects of locking and protection against burglary and theft in residential and commercial properties – factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores.

We have wide range of products and services – from the supply of locking hardware to the installation of security systems and emergency assistance.You can rely on our experienced professionals 12 hours a day / 7 days a week. Whatever your problem, despite its complexity, our team is fully prepared to solve it within a minimum period of time. From us you will receive:

General locksmith services

Our basic professional services include maintenance and installation of Master Key systems limiting access to certain areas of your property; Safes to ensure maximum protection for your valuable assets; Locks – We have a good stock of high security locks for doors and windows and also the most reliable padlocks.

Unlocking unintentionally locked entry doors is also important service for our customers. As a preferred locksmith Vaughan , we unlock all types of locks without any problem, using professional methods and tools. Changing locks is also included in our list of services. If you’ve just move into a new home or your lock has been broken, we’ll replace it with a new one of the highest quality.

Security gates and grills: Our products combine high levels of safeguarding with the flexibility to customize the aesthetics. One of our routine operations is the cut of key duplicates. We can cut each key quickly and at a competitive price.



Special security solutions

Access control systems are electronic security solutions to control the movement of people into and out of buildings and to monitor the locations of individuals within a building. Locksmith Care offers a full range of access control products for both domestic and commercial applications. We tailor our solutions to address all our customer’s needs.

We are well aware of the need to protect Vaughan’s people and their premises. Using only the latest technology in the development of  our products and security systems, we offer a wide range of high quality and precisely designed locking mechanisms from market leading brands.


In search of a skilled and reliable locksmith in Vaughan Ontario, it is wise to trust the experts from Locksmith Care. Our company is at the forefront of companies contributing to the reduction of theft and vandalism in the region, developing customized solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

Last but not least, we should highlight our emergency services. Whether you are unintentionally locked out of your home or broke the key while unlocking, we are here to help immediately, we’ll arrive at your address within 25 minutes.

Our goal is to provide all possible locksmith services  for our customers by focusing on competitive but fair pricing. If you need a reliable locksmith, do not hesitate to call us!