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Locksmith near me in Richmond Hill

What are the telltale signs of a house that’s easy to break in? Have you ever thought about it? Burglary is often a matter of opportunity. If you provide the chance to criminals, they will benefit instantly. Do you think that just because your front door has a lock you are protected from a break in? Think again!

As long as you see a locked door, thieves see:

  • A building that looks unoccupied;
  • Louvre windows;
  • Easily accessible upstairs windows;
  • No alarm and security systems;
  • A weak and flimsy front door.

If you want your home to be your castle, the place where you can relax in the evenings and forget what is happening in the rest of the world, you need to protect it from thieves and vandals. What you need to do is to seek help from a locksmith Richmond Hill if you live in the region. Call us. We have the solution for you.




Locksmith Care is an established Richmond Hill Locksmith, to which all residents of the region can count on enhancing the protection of their own property- home, business building or office. Our company operates in this field long enough to know how criminals think and act. Thanks to our professional experience, we know how to counteract them.

The basic protection measures that our client needs are very simple, but sometimes we, the professionals have to point them out to our customers. First of all, you need to show the attacker that it will be extremely difficult for him to penetrate your property. When you are away for a long time, make your home look occupied anyway.

Fit window locks to downstairs windows and the ones on the higher floors that may be easily accessible. Invest in a crime-busting technology such as an alarm system or a sophisticated access control system.

As a leading locksmith in Richmond Hill, we can recommend and provide you with a quality and reliable locking and security system. We are ready to provide you with strictly tested and high-quality door and padlocks to guarantee the protection of your property.


Obviously, the best way to deal with attackers is to take precautions. That’s exactly our specialty, so do not hesitate to call us. Locksmith Care has been at the forefront of burglary prevention and a leader in the installation of high security door locks and security systems since 1961.

In the last few decades, we increased our client portfolio to include many cities of the Greater Toronto Area including Richmond Hill. We are proud of an excellent range of products and services covering all aspects of residential and business security. This includes but is not limited to high security door locks, window locks, gates and shutters, access control systems and intruder alarms.

Our company is a preferred locksmith in Richmond Hill Ontario for emergency locksmith services. If you lock yourself out of your home or need immediate help, our emergency team will be at your property very soon. We work 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, because your safety is our responsibility.

Whether you need emergency locksmith services or an improved home security system, call us! We can help you.