The CX5 is innovative technology, the most unique feature of which is the uniquely curved securing groove formed along the key. Through this innovative concept, the internal side pins controlling an additional locking bar are activated. The security groove allows hundreds of possible independent keyways to be used for each key profile.

High security CX5 security systems have a number of advantages, including:

Managed Control of keys

The CX5 key control policy is strictly applied, with all keyways geographically managed to avoid the widespread distribution of specific key blanks. Duplicate keys are only received with authorization card and signature verification.

Multiple lock points

The CX5 cylinders have a secondary locking point control, resulting in a key cylinder that is practically bump proof and resistant to manipulation.

Added internal protection

The CX5 cylinders have improved internal protection elements consisting of pins made of hardened steel. This reduces the likelihood that top or side pins will be compromised by drilling or other physical attacks.

High-security CX5 deadbolt high-security locks have:

  • 1 “(25.4mm) throw latch bolt including 2-1 / 4” x 1-1 / 8 “(57mm x 29mm) faceplate
  • Fixed 2-3 / 4 “(70mm) backset
  • Optional 2-3 / 8 “(60mm) backset available
  • Strike, dust box and all necessary installation hardware included

Heavy-Duty High Security Deadbolt Model numbers

Heavy-Duty, High-Security Deadbolts with CX5 Cylinders

160D CX5 Single Cylinder Heavy-Duty Deadbolt, 6 Pin
162D CX5 Double Cylinder Heavy-Duty Deadbolt, 6 Pin

The CX5 heavy-duty, high security deadbolts are available in the following finishes:

  • 3  – Polished Brass
  • 26D – Satin Chrome

Mortise (& RIM Combo) cylinders

Mortise (& RIM Combo) Cylinders

The full range of CX5 Mortise cylinders are manufactured from high-quality hard brass extruded material and are available in the most popular architectural coatings. By default, the cylinders are delivered without the key blanks and no sidebar pins installed. The upper springs are made of stainless steel and the chambers are capped with screws for easier fastening.

Mortise CX5 cylinders can be converted into a RIM cylinder through the CX5 RIM package. This is included with the 1/8-inch CX5 cylinder. By default, cam A “Adams Rite” is mounted on all Mortise CX5 cylinders.

CX5 Mortise Cylinders are available with the UL 437 option for higher security.


Product Features Standard UL 437
Unique floating side bar pins         ٭         ٭
Exclusive keyways         ٭         ٭
Cylinder & key         ٭         ٭
Pick resistant spool pins         ٭         ٭
Anti-drill points         2 min.   11 max.
Hardened steel side bar                 ٭
Stainless steel top and bottom pins           ٭
UL 437 high security cylinder listing           ٭

Mortise Cylinder Model Numbers

Mortise (& Rim Combo) Standard Cylinders

9020 Mortise/Rim Combo Cylinder, 1-1/8”, 6 Pin (includes rim conversion kit and CX5-CAM2)
9030 Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/4” , 6 Pin
9040 Mortise Cylinder, 1-3/8” , 6 Pin
9050 Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/2” , 6 Pin

Available finishes include :

  • 3  – Polished Brass
  • 15 – Satin Nickel, and
  • 26D – Satin Chrome
Mortise (& Rim Combo) UL 437 Cylinders

9320 Mortise/Rim Combo Cylinder, 1-1/8”, 6 Pin
9330 Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/4” , 6 Pin

Available finishes include :

  • 3  – Polished Brass
  • 26D – Satin Chrome

Mortise / Rim Combo Cylinder Exploded View


Interchangeable Core Cylinders

All CX5 Interchangeable Core Cylinder are produced from high quality solid brass material.  By default, cylinders are shipped without key-blanks.  The top springs are made from stainless steel and the chambers are capped with set screws for easy pinning.

Small Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Small Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Small Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders (SFIC) cylinders are similar to functionality with the other SFIC products available on the market, including the BEST® brand, but additional sidebar mechanism is added. This mechanism is located in core of the lock, which makes it unnecessary to disassemble when the cylinder is combined or fixed.

There are two CX5 SFIC versions – 6-pin and 7-pin

CX5 SFIC Cylinders are 26D satin chrome plated



SFIC Cylinder Model Numbers

Small Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders

9806  CX5 SFIC Cylinder, 6 Pin
9807  CX5 SFIC Cylinder, 7 Pin

SFIC Exploded View


SFIC Cylinder Housing

SFIC Cylinder Housing

9807H  SFIC Cylinder Housing Mortise/Rim Combo

9807HR  SFIC Cylinder Housing Rim (Rim only)

Available finish: Satin chrome (26D)

Large Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders (LFIC)

The CX5 Large Format Intelligible Core (LFIC) cylinders are available in two different configurations; “Schlage®” and “Medeco®”. Both types are 6-pin versions; the finish is 26D satin chrome.


LFIC Cylinders Model Numbers

Large Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders

9906  CX5 LFIC Cylinder “Schlage®”, 6 Pin
9916  CX5 LFIC Cylinder “Medeco®”, 6 Pin

LFIC Exploded Views