Professional Locksmith Services In North York

Locksmith near me in North York

Founded in 1961, Locksmith Care is today at the forefront of burglary prevention and a leading provider of security locks and access control systems. The company is serving  the Greater Toronto area and is preferred North York locksmith.

We offer a wide range of products and activities such as emergency locks, high-quality door locks, window locks, access control systems, and onsite survey to determine how you can improve security around your home, office or a shopping center.


Over the years, Locksmith Care has built an unparalleled reputation for competitive but fair pricing, providing quality security locks and outstanding customer relationships. We can boast a flawless list of services so if:

  • You are looking for an emergency locksmith in North York;
  • You are locked out or your keys are stolen;
  • You moved into a new home and want to change the locks of the doors;
  • You need high-quality lock for doors and windows to prevent thieves;
  • You want to implement security access control system in your property.



We can help you – call us!

Our company specializes in:


Emergency locksmiths are available 12 hours a day, 365 days a year. But above all, for each service we provide a guarantee, including for the professional services and the products provided.

And it becomes clear that if you contact us in case of urgency, you can be sure that your property is in the hands of a regulated and professionally trained locksmith in North York. All our employees have been checked and perfectly trained to deal with the most complex locking problems.


We will prevent your business from becoming a crime statistics. We will help you to take some precautions to protect your own property, employees and valuable assets. As an established locksmith in North York Toronto we offer a wide range of commercial security solutions for factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores.

Take advantage of our free evaluation to identify weak points in your security system. We can then prepare a complete security package tailored to your business needs. We assure you that we specialize in all aspects of business security, including the installation of high security locks, grilles and access control systems.


If you need to change the door lock or improve your home security, Locksmith Care is here to provide a wide range of residential locksmith services. Your security is our responsibility, so we work hard to achieve the highest standards of safety, skill and integrity.

If you need a professional locksmith in North York Ontario, you can rely on our help 12 hours a day / 7 days a week. We know the locksmithing better than any other, we react quickly and adequately in every situation, meeting the high demands and gaining the trust of a large number of customers in the region. We offer high quality services and advanced locking systems.

To Locksmith Care you can turn for the most complex situations, as well as when you need a standard locksmith service. Your trusted locksmith Toronto North York will offer you:


The door in your home is a key component in terms of security and protection from theft and unwanted penetration. If you are still using standard unsecured locks and closers for your home door, you as a resident of the North York area, can call us to replace old equipment with a modern and secure locking system.

We will offer you a large  number of solutions tailored to your needs, wishes and budget. We guarantee that each one meets the highest quality and durability for attempted burglaries.. Depending on the area and architecture of your home, we will offer you the best electronic locks and the latest generation of access control systems. They will not only increase your protection but also make your life much easier.


Our business customers who wish to have a trusted locksmith Toronto North York can take advantage of our full range of commercial locksmiths services suited to their needs and expectations. We know that securing your company’s around the clock can be a discouraging process, so our years of experience and in-depth knowledge are so valuable to your security.

They help us analyze your needs and recommend the exact technical solutions for maximum security of your business. As a preferred commercial locksmith in North York, we have a fully trained technical team ready to arrive at any place and meet the needs and desires of every  individual customer. Improve the security of your business with just one phone call.