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Need qualified locksmith in Markham whom you can trust? Locksmith Care is the right answer. In this Toronto neighborhood live people who encounter the same locking problems every day as people around the world are experiencing. Offering quality locksmithing service in this neighborhood for our company is not an obligation but a huge responsibility and honor.


Markham, home to over 332,000 people, is one of the fastest growing municipalities centrally located in the Greater Toronto Area. More than 900 science and technology companies have established their Canadian headquarters in Markham, including Hyundai, American Express, Apple Inc., Oracle, Toyota Financial Services and others.

Thanks to its vibrant neighborhoods, educated labor, pro-business environment and high quality facilities including communication and transportation, the city is becoming a preferred place to live, but also an area where attacks on private and commercial properties such as factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores are not missing. Locks become more and more complex, and thieves more and more inventive. Accidents and damage to locking mechanisms are also increasing, so this Toronto municipality is extremely important to us.



In addition, in a city comprised of six major communities, including Buttonville, Markham Village, Milliken, Cornell, Unionville and Thornhill, Locksmith Care provides an affordable, professional and hassle-free locksmithing services. These include:


Whether you got locked unintentionally out of your home, lost the key from your front door or the lock has jammed, Locksmith Care is here to help you. We have emergency teams in the region that are at your disposal 12 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Despite the big city area, rest assured that we would endeavor to be at your property within half an hour. We will come perfectly equipped to solve every problem quickly and without damaging your property. We also have the necessary technical knowledge.


If you have just moved to this picturesque town, you will certainly need the help of a trusted locksmith in Markham Ontario to replace door and window locks as well as padlocks in your new property. The same applies if you are looking for an affordable preventive measure against burglary. As a proven professional, we supply and install all kinds of locks.

Access control systems are electronic security solutions that control the movement of people inside and outside buildings. There are both commercial and residential applications. The advantage: the security of all your property is controlled by one system. And there are no keys! You never have to worry about your keys again.


A family-owned company with years of experience in locksmithing, servicing the Greater Toronto Area, Locksmith Care has been providing professional locksmith services to residents and businesses of Markham since 2010. We pride ourselves on our expertise when it comes to locksmithing and no matter what emergency or security needs you have, we offer our clients the guarantee that we are up for the challenge.

We assure our customers that we are ready to face any challenge. As an established locksmith Markham Ontario, we are in the craft long enough to know that experienced specialists are in danger of extinction. So do not put yourself in a situation where you can be deceived and disappointed. The locksmith trade is not without its share of companies trying to deceive you.Contact us for any problems with keys and locking systems!