Should You Rekey Your Locks or Replace Them Completely?

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When you have a problem with the lock, perhaps your first thought is that you have to change it completely. In many cases, this is totally unnecessary, because just rekeying will do a great job. To find out whether you should rekey or replace your locks, take a look through the suggestions below.

Definitely rekeying is the cheaper option, but sometimes replacement is the better one. Even if you’ve purchased this home from an elderly couple that deserves full confidence, you cannot know who else has a key from your front door. Sometimes key duplicates are handed out to dog walkers, contractors, close and distant relatives. To have complete peace of mind, change the lock immediately.

When is replacing of the lock the right decision?

In many cases, the Rekeying service is not a good option, so the lock must be completely replaced. Older locks may have passed their point of use and need an upgrade. In some cases, a lock may also be damaged when a forced entry has occurred and repair is impossible.


You may want to replace the old lock with the most attractive lock on the market and also have to restrict a person’s access to your home. Locks with a lever handle meet your requirements, and are more comfortable than standard doorknob. The need for better protection is another good reason to change your current lock.

There are a variety of high-security locks on the market to provide more protection. If your door is not equipped with a deadbolt at the moment, it may be wise to ask for one to be installed. It is better to do it sooner than later.

When is Lock Rekeying the better solution?

When you call in a locksmith to rekey your lock he will remove the springs and pins in the cylinder and replace them with new ones that will work with a different key. If you are moving into a new home, you could ask for this service if your locks are in good operational condition.

The previous owner and anybody else that had access to the house keys earlier won’t be able to use the old keys to enter your home once your locks have been rekeyed. The locksmiths often will then lubricate the lock in order to operate smoothly.

If you need help with your residential lock, do not hesitate to call Emergency Locksmith in Toronto at 416-828-2596. We’ll take a detailed look at your lock to determine which of the two options is best – rekeying or replacing of the lock. You could also visit our company website at to get acquainted with the available selection of attractive and high secure locks that we can offer you right now.

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