Why is it so important to change the lock when moving into a new home?

change the lock

A lock change is a must when moving into a new home, no matter whether you  own it or are just a tenant. However, recent years’ data show that very few newcomers actually follow this instruction. The reasons for this are many and different.

There are two different ways of changing the lock – replacing the existing lock with a new one or just rekeying – an action of rearranging the lock and thus eliminating the possibility of the lock being unlocked with the old key. Both options are suitable in different situations, but the rekeying is  easier and cheaper. In each case, the involvement of a professional locksmith is required.

Refusal to change the lock will affect your insurance policy

If you do not take care to eliminate any likelihood of unauthorized entry into your new property and it is robbed, the insurance compensation you receive may be less than expected, and it is not excluded and the insurer may completely refuse to recover your damages citing your own negligence.


In no case should you trust the assertion that all the keys to the front door have been handed to you. Even if the owner who sold you the house and did the right thing, it is possible that the people he worked with (builders, cleaners, etc.) to have kept a copy with or without any intension.

Tenants can also use the service

Lock change is possible and even desirable in some cases by tenants moving into a new home. This is a right of defense that some landlords afford to deprive their tenants of. In fact, 90% of rental homes do not change locking mechanisms for reasons of economy and convenience.

Since you have no guarantee that the previous tenant did not keep a copy of the key provided, it is appropriate to speak with the landlord and discuss possible security steps that you might take. The best solution in this case is for two parties to share the cost of the locksmith services. This must be done.

Costs are often quite affordable

The excuse that changing the lock is expensive is not always reasonable. The price is significantly higher only when one lock system is completely replaced by another. For example, if a complex Deadbolt device or electromagnetic lock is installed. In most cases, it is sufficient for the cylinder pins to be rearranged so that the old key cannot unlock the door.

The “Rekeying” operation is performed within a few minutes if the procedure is performed by an experienced qualified person. The price is quite reasonable, including the additional payment for the new keys the locksmith provides.

Moving into a new home comes with a number of actions that do not need any delay. One of the most important is the change of locks, because they are the ones that give us security and serenity. Do not rush to change the furniture and refurbish the interior before you have done what is necessary for your safety and for the protection of your personal property.