Why are lock installation and repair services so expensive

Why are lock installation and repair services so expensive

Locksmith Care is a family owned business since 1961. Our company’s portfolio includes residential, commercial and industrial locksmith services on the territory of Toronto and The Greater Toronto Area.

Our services include re-key, replacement, repair and installation of all types of locks, door closers, fire exit devices, high security locks, change of combo locks and safes, and repair of electrical locks after electric strike.

You can also rely on a lock-out, repair of locks after break-in and maintenance of your Master key system. Our services are extremely numerous, of which our customers are particularly pleased.

If you are in a situation, considering whether to break a window to go home or call a locksmith company, you are wondering: Why are locksmith services so expensive? The answer is actually very simple – they are not! Locksmith services are reasonably priced, but as the number of national locksmiths increases, consumers are forced to pay for additional hidden costs.




The National Locksmith Company (NLC) is actually a call center that is often represented as a local business using local area code, and calls are then redirected to a call center. National locksmiths use aggressive commercial tactics to overshadow the local tradesmen.

They usually own all the big ads in the phonebooks, and they are the top Google listings when searching for a local locksmith. They are usually own all the big ads in the phonebooks, and they are the top Google listings when searching for a local locksmith. These call centers use local locksmiths as subcontractors, assigning them their customers’ orders.

The difference is that they add some additional charges, and you end up paying for the ads and the cost of the subcontractor’s service. Because of these misleading advertisements, the average person finds it hard to find the genuine local business.


Hiring a local locksmith ensures that you get a quick response from a reliable and trustworthy professional who wants to maintain his good reputation. By working with NLC, you may have to wait for hours because the contractor to be sent may be about 50 miles away from you.

When you need a reliable and affordable locksmith service, it is best to go local. The benefits of working with a local locksmith are not just saving extra costs. For example, when you get out of work and find that your house keys are hanging on the key hook where you hung them, would you call a call center and wait on hold just to be told you that the locksmith will not be able to come today?

Alternatively, would you call a locksmith based in your own city ready to come to your place immediately? Seems like a pretty good decision!  Contacting a local company means a faster response and often more reasonable price – that is, save money and time. Local tradesmen are proud of their ability to offer reliable, efficient and quality service. There is value in a good reputation.


Local locksmiths have a customer response employee who will easily give you quote for the service. A NLC will have a receptionist answer, wanting to know all your details before issuing a quote. Ask questions about your local area if you are not sure the company is local, contact more than one locksmith for offer.

Locksmith services are unfairly declared expensive because of the call center type companies. Inform yourself about these unfair practices and lock your wallet away from the hidden costs.


At Locksmith Care our good reputation is due to the fact that we always put the customer first. We also offer excellent and reliable services at affordable prices. Whether you are locked out of your home or have a complex series of locks that require a professional locksmith, we are a certified professional company.

We are proud to inform you that our company is registered and operates within Toronto ON. If you’re in the GTA and need fast, courteous and trustworthy locksmith, call us at 416-828-2596. Our local teams are available 12 hours a day / 7 days a week for any emergency services to make sure you are never left out in the cold. Feel calm, working with us and call us today for a professional service that won’t break the bank.

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