Where to get keys cut in Toronto?

Where to get keys cut in Toronto?

If you are going on a family vacation and want to leave a key to a friend to water the flowers, but you don’t have spare key of your home, you should ask yourself: Where to get keys cut in Toronto?

There are many places in the city offering such a service, but not everywhere the quality is guaranteed.


It is no coincidence that in the spoken language the term for duplication of key is “cutting”. The operation is just that – cutting a metal plate, following exactly the specific shapes of the key that needs to be duplicated. Making key copies requires extremely high precision, so it is only made by a machine.

Something you probably don’t know, but you’ll find out right away in the locksmith shop, is the need to bring the original key, not its duplicate. Cutting a copy on an already copied key could lead to a slight misalignment, which in turn would make it difficult or impossible to unlock at all.

You don’t have a key? This is not a problem for the experienced locksmiths. In this case, you can remove the cylinder of the lock and take it to the locksmith shop. There they will do the necessary to make the duplicate. However, the procedure is more complicated, time consuming and more expensive.

What is the lock on your front door? Does this matter when looking for where to get keys cut in Toronto? High-end locking mechanisms are virtually impenetrable. One reason they cannot be unlocked with forged keys is that they are made under very strict control.

It is important to know that duplicate keys of certain brands can only be made after their original card that contains product, key and holder information is provided. Therefore, we advise you to keep all the documentation of your locking mechanisms in a safe place; otherwise you may find yourself in a situation in which you cannot have a duplicate.




It is of utmost importance to the quality of the duplicate of who will do it. Toronto is a huge city with countless places where keys are cut – from hardware stores to shopping malls and specialized locksmith studios. The quality of the key duplicates is different everywhere, because different machines and methods of metalworking are used.

Depending on the complexity of the lock, each of the options is appropriate. For example, the keys of ordinary locks are copied seamlessly into the pavilions of large shopping centers. However, the task is more complex when it comes to high-end locks equipped with additional protections. Only a qualified locksmith can handle it.

At the locksmith studios of licensed companies they will make you a duplicate of even a broken key, as well as make one only on the passport of the lock. Each high-end lock has a unique identification number. By this number, the locksmiths can find the exact pattern to cut the copy. Needless to say, you can only expect the highest quality from locksmith professionals.