When change of the lock is better option?

When change of the lock is better option?

Changing locks of doors is imperative in a couple of situations. Security is the leading motive for changing the lock, but in this case we will pay attention to how it is better to do it? By rekeying or by changing the lock? In some cases, the second option is more reasonable, and here we look at why this is so.


Entry door locks are undergoing continuous refinement in order to provide the maximum level of protection against unlocking. If the lock you use was manufactured more than 10 years ago and is not high level security lock , then the possibility of being unlocked by thieves is great.

Ordinary locks are the most vulnerable in this regard. Many people still use them because they are solid and cheap, but the truth is that these are their only two benefits. They cannot be rekeyed when it is necessary to restrict the access of people to whom a key is given, because they do not have cylinders whose pins can be rearranged.

Another disadvantage of ordinary door locks is that for most of them (especially the older ones), duplicates can be made in any locksmith studio. They have no special protection or document (product passport) through which copies can only be made at authorized locksmith centers. That is, anyone can duplicate your key.

Old locking mechanisms, however solid their components, are damaged over time. If you do not prevent them, for example, when moving into the property, you will have to change locks when one of the mechanisms inside breaks and you find that you can no longer unlock / lock it with your own key.




It matters not only what type of locking system you use, but also how strong the entry door of your home or business premises  itself is. If you have valuables that could make you a potential victim of a thief, it is a good idea to replace the door first and then look for a suitable lock.

It makes no sense to install a hi-end and even electromagnetic lock on an old insecure door that can be opened with force and with some simple tools used by thieves. Choosing more sophisticated system, including an access control system, requires you to first change the door, and then integrate new locking technology.


To change the locks, it is advisable to hire a specialist / company that not only changes the old mechanisms with new ones, but outlines a strategic plan of action that is most appropriate in your case. Only a professional can advise you, after looking round the property, to evaluate your needs and offer possible options.

The overall strategy involves identifying weaknesses in the security of the home or business premises. Quite often it turns out that not only the door locks have to be changed, but also the windows, the garage door or the entrance door separating the property from the outside world. The licensed and insured locksmith company is the contractor you need.