Understanding the Different Types of Locks

Understanding the Different Types of Locks

If you had the opportunity to visit a locksmith shop recently, you may have been overwhelmed by the huge selection of locks currently available on the market. You will probably get totally confused and you will not know where to start if you need a reliable security system or even a simple replacement of the door lock.

In order to help you get some insight into modern locks, here is a brief description of the most popular kinds used today. Some of them are more secure, others –more comfortable, and some are excellent for both security and comfort.

The lock that any specialized store and locksmith company will recommend to you today could be:


  • Deadbolts
  • Knob Locks
  • Handle lever locks
  • Padlocks
  • Interchangeable core Cylinders
  • Smart locks

The Deadbolt lock is usually mounted on the entrance doors. This group of locking mechanisms is available in a number of different types, but the most popular one is a single cylinder deadbolt. You can see it at most of North American entry doors. It is safer and therefore will provide peace to you and your family.

Knob Lock should never be used on entry doors, not as a stand-alone solution. The lock cylinder is located right inside the knob, not on the door itself, as with the more secure locks. For the thief, it will be as easy as possible to bypass the locking mechanism only with a screwdriver, wrench and pliers. The knob lock is designed for bathrooms and other interior doors.

Hand lever locks are a more popular solution for the interior doors in commercial buildings, and in places where there is a need for handicap accessibility, as the levers are easier to use than the knobs.

Padlocks are devices that don’t have to be attached permanently to anything in order to function properly. They can be unlocked with a key, and in some cases with a numerical combination. As they are considered as low class security locks, they are mainly used to lock sheds and bicycles as anti-theft devices.

Interchangeable core Cylinders are a great fit for business or large institutional buildings. The advantage of these locks is the ability to change the core without taking the entire lock apart. This means that rekeying can be done by any qualified locksmith.

Smart locks are definitely the locks of the future and have become extremely popular over the last few years. They can be operated without a key via a smartphone or via a keyless hob, and also remotely by the user. Smart locks offer a variety of security features, making them a reasonable investment.

To learn more about these and other types of locks, please visit locksmithcare.com or call us at 416-828-2596. We have skilled and experienced locksmiths who can explain the different features of the various locks and recommend the right lock type for your individual needs.

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