What services should the lock repair specialist in Etobicoke be able to offer?

What services should the lock repair specialist in Etobicoke be able to offer?

There are not many locksmiths working in Toronto and the surrounding area. Some of them are companies with traditions and years of experience in this field, and others – people who just know a little about locks. If we have to point out the main differences between the two, the list will be long. In short, some offer a wide range of services while others mainly deal with unlocking unintentionally locked doors. In this article we will talk about the good locksmith Etobicoke and what he should be able to offer.

In order to be called good, every locksmith Etobicoke or anywhere in the world should be able to provide the full range of professional services with high quality and possibly low prices. Since we mainly look at the activities performed by locksmiths, we will look at the fundamentals.

These are:




“I need an emergency locksmith” – this is a phrase that every one of us has ever pronounced. Whether it’s a broken lock, lost / stolen or broken key, or an automatically locked door – whatever the case is urgent. Despite the stress and the limited reaction time – the urgent interference of an experienced locksmith is needed. The sooner he can come to your address – the better.

Residential and commercial services

It may be strange to you, but the difference between residential and commercial locksmith services is enormous. If you have an office, shop, studio or other business property in the region, it is wise to look for a professional locksmith Etobicoke who offers residential and commercial services (such as factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores). So you will not have to use the services of two separate companies – one for the locks in your home and one for the ones in your shop or office.

Rekey Locks

The first thing you need to do when you get into a new home is to look for a locksmith to change the lock so old keys can no longer unlock them. The same is true for stolen or lost keys. This is the better (and more profitable) option as it is much cheaper than replacing the locking hardware completely. Experienced locksmiths offer such a service, replacing only part of the mechanisms instead of the whole lock.

Changing the locks

An obligatory activity for every reputable locksmith Etobicoke is the replacement of locking systems, with the difference between good companies and bad ones being the response time and the ability to offer an adequate solution to the specific situation. Locksmiths should be able to increase the level of protection of your property and not simply put new locks of the same complexity and degree of security. Lock upgrading is the best solution in high crime areas.


Not only the security companies, but any good locksmith Etobicoke, should be able to offer you the building of a modern access control system. Controlled access is a fact not only for offices and large business premises, but also for a large part of residential buildings. The locksmith needs not only to install the new electronic system but also to be available when is needed encryption of the devices for identification, updating software or troubleshooting in their work.

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