In search of lock repair & replacement services – what should we know?

In search of lock repair & replacement services – what should we know?

In search of Toronto locksmith service, it is possible to make some big mistakes that can lead to a drastic increase in the final price or make us feel cheated. In general, the probability of experiencing extreme disappointment with this much-needed service today is too great if we are not aware of a few key factors that accompany it. We will pay them special attention in this article.


When the locksmith services are needed to increase security and install a modern and reliable locking system, choosing a specialist is the same as when choosing a plumber, electrician or other proven professional. However, in urgent cases, the time for careful study of companies and professionals in the region is too limited.

It is possible that when searching for Toronto locksmith service, the internet search engine or call center dispatcher will direct you to specialists who do not operate in the region where you are. Their services will cost you more expensive because of the greater distance, not forgetting the significant delay of the reaction. Even if you do not have much time, do the research and select the companies located in your neighborhood, or at worst in central Toronto.



Try to know the total value of the service

The majority of people remain extremely disappointed with their first meeting with a locksmith, because of the higher-than-expected price they have to pay at the end. Although it is very difficult to determine exactly how much a visit of professional locksmith costs, it is imperative to pay special attention to the rates of accredited and insured companies in the region.

When choosing Toronto locksmith service, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the company and ask for the price of the service, describing in detail the problem, the type of locking mechanism and even the material from which the door is made. Ask if additional fees are charged (for calls, transport or for extra hours). Ask for a written copy of the price list as proof that the prices listed on the company’s website are up-to-date.

Choose licensed and insured companies

Keep in mind that not every company or person offering Toronto locksmith service has a license to do such a responsible activity. Accreditation indicates that a firm or specialist belongs to the relevant professional association, which gives you more confidence about their competence and honesty.

In some areas, professional locksmiths are required to hold a license or registration. The license is preferable because it is obtained after the appropriate examinations and checks, while the registration fee only requires payment of the relevant fee. Ask for a copy of the locksmith’s accreditation, together with the identity card and business card of the company he represents.


Besides professionalism in their work, all individuals and companies offering Toronto locksmith service are obliged to follow the professional protocol. The licensed locksmith is obliged to represent himself / herself with his / her personal documents and company accreditation, as well as in turn ask the client to legitimize himself. Whether it’s about unlocking or replacing locks, a good professional will ask you to prove that you own the property and you have the full right to use his services.

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