3 safety tips for moving into a new apartment

3 safety tips for moving into a new apartment

When people are in the process of moving into a new home, they mostly think of what to pack, how to move their items from point A to point B, and even how they will decorate their new apartment. Altough these things are  important, most people fail to think about protecting their new home.

It is important to consider whether your entire living space is sufficiently protected. Our experts at Locksmith Care have identified 3 key steps that may prove critical to your security when moving into a new home. Taking them into account, you will be a step ahead of robbers and bad guys, so you have to do the following three things:


When we talk about security, we usually pay attention mainly to the lock on the front door. Windows are not less important, because it is possible that the thieves can get into your new home through them, especially if your apartment is located on the lower floors. Since few people are experts, we advise you to look for our professional teams.



Our experts will make sure that your windows are properly installed and meet the security standards in your region. In case your windows are not locked properly, we will repair their lock in no time. For a higher level of protection, we can also install custom-made window bars that can drastically reduce the chances of being robbed.


When you move to an apartment formerly inhabited or owned by others, you should call our locksmiths as soon as possible. So they will be able to provide you with new locks or at least to change the current locking so that no one else but you can access your apartment.

Even if the landlord insists that all previous occupants have returned their keys, contact us. You can not know for sure whether the previous owners have taken a duplicate or not. As long as they are, they have easy access to your home and your belongings.You’re always better safe than sorry.


Many apartments come  equipped with chain locks that are proven less effective than Deadbolt locks. Discuss it with your landlord to find out if you have the right to install a similar type of lock. If yes, contact us to install a new, high quality deadbolt Lock in no time. Our technicians will even test the new lock to make sure it works well.

As you can see, it is extremely important to be sure that you have taken the best precautions when moving into your new home. If you are looking for a reliable local locksmith in Etobicoke, call our experts today and learn more about our quality services. The members of the Locksmith Care Etobicoke team are professionally trained and always available to help you.

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