When do you need to rekey the door lock?

When do you need to rekey the door lock?

In a number of problematic situations, homeowners decide that it is necessary to replace the  front door lock. Sometimes this is really inevitable, but in most cases it is only possible to rekey the lock. This is the easiest, quicker and most profitable way to protect your home from burglars and thieves.


First of all, it is important to specify that only a good professional locksmith can determine with precision whether rekey a lock is appropriate. Sometimes it is imperative to replace the old lock with a new one.

In case that the only problem is the fear that someone might misuse your personal  key, recoding is the perfect opportunity to restrict access to your property. In case the lock is broken and you regularly have problems when  unlocking – replacement is the only solution.

Rekey a lock is a specific service that only professional locksmiths can perform correctly. During the procedure, the locksmith removes the pins and springs of the cylinder and replaces them with new ones that work in a totally different way. A brand new key, capable of opening the new lock, is made.

When the lock is damaged or when a radically different lock is desired you should change the lock. Almost all locks are subject to rekeying, and then they work just as well and even better than before. Unlike replacing the entire lock, this service is considerably more cost-effective.




Rekeying a lock is mandatory when the apartment changes its owner. When you enter a new home, whether as an owner or a tenant, it’s a good idea to replace the locking mechanisms to make sure that the previous occupant does not have access to your property. As a tenant, you need to ask the landlord’s consent and give him a duplicate of the new key.

It is inevitable to look for a locksmith to replace the locking mechanism when a resident of your home has moved out. Even if you have a wonderful relationship, you will definitely feel more relaxed if you know that your former roommate / intimate partner has no access to the dwelling.

When you’ve used the services of a cleaner, nanny, personal assistant or construction company that no longer works for you, change the locking mechanism and ask for a new set of keys. These are people whose intentions you can not know at 100%. As soon as possible after completing the relationship, look for a locksmith to replace the cylinder of the lock.

The last place on the list we kept for the most urgent situation. In case you lost the key from your home, or worse – you know for sure that it is stolen, immediately look for a locksmith ready to arrive as soon as possible at your home and secure its protection against encroachments.

Do not delay for the next day, the weekend or for a more convenient time when you are not burdened with more important commitments. Nothing is more important than your protection and serenity, so turn to a locksmith company providing quality emergency services.

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