What is the average value of lock repair & installation services and what can increase the price?

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  • What is the average value of lock repair & installation services and what can increase the price?
What is the average value of lock repair & installation services and what can increase the price?

Price locksmith – this is usually the case when we check the online rates of locksmiths practicing in our region. With this we aim to find the best offer or at least to prepare for the account that will be given to us for the particular job.

Whether the door is locked, whether the door lock is damaged or we want to replace the locks with more modern and reliable locking systems, the services of an experienced locksmith will cost us some money. Can we accurately determine the amount that will be requested? This is almost impossible, as the final price is usually formed by several key factors to which we will focus in this article.


When we write price locksmith on the internet search engine, it is very likely that companies offering the cheapest services to be shown to us. That does not mean, however, that the end value of the service will be in line with the company’s pricing that we have reviewed on its website.

Much of locksmiths promising low prices do not cover the region we are in. In order to come to our address, they will generate serious transport costs, which will be calculated in the bill that will be given to us for the work done. Given the fact that, instead of the  $ 50-60 for standard lock, we may have to pay $ 150-200, it is more reasonable to hire only local companies, even if their rates are slightly higher.



Day and time of visit

All locksmith companies have fixed rates for the basic services they offer, but that does not guarantee us that this is the real price we will pay for the certain activity. Let’s not forget the fact that the damage can be much more complicated and that it will require a change of the lock or of some of its components, which will increase the final price.

When the locksmith visits us in non working hours, on a holiday or on a weekend, the tariffs can be extremely different. When you write a price locksmith in the search engine, check that the prices are final or subject to change depending on the time of the visit. If the problem is not really urgent, it is better to wait.

Number of locks to be serviced

The standard locksmith price when changing the lock ranges from $ 40 to $ 100, but if the service locks are more than one, the price may increase significantly, especially if the number is greater. The standard rate is usually charged from $ 5 to $ 25 to change the cylinder of each subsequent lock, and $ 20-30 per lock for the job done.


The cost of locksmith services offered and the end price may differ and it depends on the loyalty and correctness of each individual specialist. Some locksmiths will replace different mechanisms or all locking hardware without it really being necessary. Others even get to extremes, demanding that they be paid for spare parts that were never used.

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