Places to get key cut near me – which is the right place?

Places to get key cut near me – which is the right place?

When you have to give a key duplicate of your home to a friend and you have not much time, it is logical to ask yourself: What are the places where I can get key cut near me? There are many, but not every one of them is a good option, so here we will talk about this kind of service.


Making duplicates of house and car keys is a more complicated operation than you probably suspect. You will say, “There is a similar service available in every hardware store,” and you will not be wrong. However, this does not mean that at all these places near your home or office you will get a duplicate that will work as well as the original.

In order not to be inferior, we will briefly explain what the procedure itself is. A special tool called an optical reader is used to copy the original key. It provides much higher accuracy of duplication. Keep in mind that sometimes two keys may look completely identical, but that does not mean they are able to unlock the same lock.



Today’s keys are crafted with use of a special technology to make it harder for copying by people with criminal intentions. So, looking for places to get key cut near me, it’s important to make sure we use the services of a qualified professional.

Another important thing for the procedure is the availability of special professional machines and tools that are not available in DIY shops. Access to professional equipment is extremely limited again for the purpose of crime prevention. You must have the accreditation of a professional locksmith to own and operate this type of equipment.

Apart from machine, you will need a different type of blanks. These are keys, which are processed to full compliance with the original key. Why different types? Because the blanks correspond to different key types and they could be:

  • Mortice Keys;
  • Security Keys (Cylinder);
  • Security Keys (Garrison or similar);
  • Security Keys (Magnum or similar)
  • Cruciform key
  • Tubular
  • Dimple
  • Abloy Keys


Keep in mind that not everywhere there are blanks corresponding to the keys of your home. Their availability is guaranteed only by professional locksmiths, because it is a basic rather than a secondary activity for them. While hardware stores can only cut ordinary templates, locksmith companies cannot afford to disappoint their customers.

When you look for a place to get key cut near me, go to the nearest locksmith shop. The opportunity there to provide you with a copy that is completely identical to the original is guaranteed. You should know that sometimes even a minimum deviation of less than 1 mm may affect unlocking and the duplicate may be practically unusable.

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