North York lock repair specialist – What services does he offer?

North York lock repair specialist – What services does he offer?

Although a relatively quiet region, people in this Toronto neighborhood also lock their doors. The lock gives people extra peace and security. If you live or have your own business in the area, you are the owner of at least a few locks. This means that sooner or later you will need the services of a North York locksmith, and you need to know what you can ask of him and what to expect.

Locksmiths render various types of services. The practice of the locksmith may include: making, installing and repairing locks, and making key duplicates and unlocking accidentally locked doors. Here we will look at the basic range of professional services that a modern North York locksmith should be able to offer you. These are:


Every North York locksmith must be ready to make a home visit. The reasons for this are very different. Maybe you want to change the locks to prevent someone you’ve given the key to re-enter your home. It is also possible to have lost the key from your home and not be able to go home, and it is very likely that your front door lock is damaged and can not be unlocked.

Your trust will win that North York locksmith who is ready to visit your home, whether it’s a weekday, a weekend or a holiday. He should arrive quickly, and that means you’d better use the services of a local company. The locksmith has to identify himself and show his professional accreditation before he even look at the broken lock in your home.




Good professional companies know in detail all modern developments in locking mechanisms and systems. This means that if you want to improve the protection of your home or business premises, you can call a North York locksmith to offer you a high security locking system. This can be an electronic or electromechanical lock as well as a high-tech access control system.

This type of service is typically provided by locksmiths offering commercial services. Their task is to offer different options, pointing to the pros and cons of each system on the basis of which the client can choose. Your North York locksmith is the one who will install the special lock. He should also be able to make the appropriate settings whenever necessary. Key programming is also part of the modern professional service.


The main service of locksmiths since antiquity was the manufacture of locks and keys for them. Today, this service is still available, so you may need to look for a professional North York locksmith to make spare keys.

Modern technicians are able to duplicate not only metal keys for ordinary mechanical locks. With the help of special software and advanced professional machines, they can duplicate the electronic chip keys for modern electronic locks.

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