Questions we will ask a lock repair & replacement specialist in North York for you

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Questions we will ask a lock repair & replacement specialist in North York for you

You are going to hire North York Locksmith, but you are not  quite sure how to recognize the good companies out of mediocre ones? This, of course, is most easily achieved by asking questions. Since we assume that it will be a bit embarrassing to interview the professionals on the phone, we will ask the important questions for you. By contacting one of the many locksmiths in the region, you want to be sure that he works the way described in this material.


The first question you have to ask each North York locksmith is:

Do I really need your professional services?

You should get a positive answer to this question, even though you think the locksmith is considered the only option because he just wants to take your money. Yes, the service is paid, but if you come to a locksmith in North York : “take a screwdriver and take apart the door lock,” you definitely have come to a frivolous person and even not a professional .

Regardless of the complexity of the problem and the specific situation, the locksmith must be ready to offer you professional assistance. Yes, it is possible to recommend you some solutions you try before his arrival, but a good professional will never refuse to know your problem personally and offer an adequate solution.



Can I trust you completely?

On this matter, every North York locksmith will answer you positively, but is this really true? Of course not. The locksmith firm to which you can have full confidence, has a professional accreditation that obliges him to practice the craft in accordance with legal and ethical norms.

If you call a North York York locksmith to open your unintentionally locked door, he must first identify himself, then ask for it from you. If the locksmith does not ask you to provide evidence that you are the owner or legal user of the property before unlocking the door, he does not deserve your trust because this shows that he is ready to assist the thieves as well.

Where can I get professional tools from?

Every professional North York locksmith uses special tools and technical equipment in his work. Only licensed locksmiths can access it. Unlocking tools are not available freely, and their possession by people without accreditation is illegal. Locksmiths are required to strictly keep their equipment, including key duplicators, so as not to fall into the hands of people with criminal intentions.

Can you offer me cheap locking hardware?

The difference between the good and the bad North York locksmith is in the locking systems they offer to their customers. The one who offers low quality products with a low level of protection is not a good professional. A good professional is fully focused on preventing attacks on your property. He has to do everything possible to convince you that it is more reasonable to invest a little more money, but to have maximum protection and complete peace of mind.

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