What determines the price of the professional lock repair & installation service?

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What determines the price of the professional lock repair & installation service?

If you have to look for emergency locksmith services, you may have been impressed by the difference in the cost of the services of different companies. Here we will look at how the locksmith rates differ, how to avoid overtaxing and how to avoid increase of the cost of the professional service.


Many of the companies offering locksmith services use sneaky tricks to put their trustful (and often naive) customers in a baffling situation. They offer prices for unlocking a standard lock of about $ 20 without informing the consumer that additional charges will be added to this amount later – for transport, on holidays, parking, and so on.

If you come across very low locksmith rates, the possibility of making you pay more than offered is too great. If the locksmith refuses to tell you the exact value of the service you want, it is likely to make you pay more adding a few hidden charges. When the cost of a professional service is too low, it means either that it is not provided by an accredited professional or that its final value has not been communicated.



How to avoid increase of the cost of the locksmith service

Sometimes we contribute to the higher value of the service, deciding that we can solve the problem by ourselves. Very often people decide that they can repair the damaged lock themselves or unlock the door, thus causing additional damage to both the locking mechanism and the door itself.

In any case, in our desire to avoid locksmith rates, we further increase the cost of repairing the door and in some cases our recklessness may require a complete replacement of the locking hardware.


Not rarely, the locksmith rates are subject to some change, always upward. Some locks have hidden old problems that we have not suspected before professional intervention. Often, instead of replacing only one component of the lock, a major overhaul or full replacement is required with a new locking mechanism.

When we try to unlock the lock, we may break the key, with one half stuck in the lock, and this will cost us extra money. The locksmith may have announced a price for unlocking a snap lock, but removing a broken key is charged at other rates.

When the procedure is performed without the need for a cylinder lock change, the price varies between 110-140 $. The usual cylinder replacement prices range from $ 135 to $ 230, depending on whether we’re talking about a low-budget Euro-Profile cylinder or a Euro-Profile anti-snap type.

Another mistake that people make in order to avoid locksmith rates is attempts to replace the damaged components of the lock themselves. Standard Upvc doors are factory-fitted with locks, handles and cylinders that look exactly the same as the other products. Do not try to buy and replace these parts yourself, because the probability of purchasing a non-compliant detail is great. Choose a trusted locksmith who will only charge you for the replacement component or mechanism and not for the whole lock.

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