Can we know in advance how much the professional lock repair services will cost?

locksmith prices

Locksmith prices – this is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we need the help of a good professional. There is nothing strange and wrong about this, as we all know that professional services, especially in such a specific area as locking, are not cheap.

Is it possible to know in advance how much we pay to the locksmith?

Whether in emergency situations or planned replacement / repair of locks, we always want to know in advance how much the service will cost. So it is quite obvious to start looking for a professional service, formulating the search as “locksmith prices”. While not all of us look for the lowest price, the pricing check is done in order to prepare for the bill that will be given to us after the task is done.

The truth is that we can not know exactly how much we pay to the locksmith because the price of each professional is formed by different factors. Some locksmiths add to the bill and transport costs that inevitably arise when the locksmith travels to our home or business property. Rarely, a very routine task, which is the cheapest activity in the price list of a locksmith, rises to a serious amount as the customer is in a remote region of the city.


Which factors make locksmith services more expensive?

In addition to transport costs, there are other factors that can significantly increase the locksmith prices. Sometimes the value of the service increases dramatically due to the unfair treatment of some specialists. Some locksmiths use dishonest techniques, betting on our ignorance of locks. Instead of simply unlocking the locked door, they unnecessarily replace the component of the lock so they can charge us more expensive.

The other factors that make the locksmith’s services more expensive are:

More serious damage than we expected

Sometimes locksmith prices undergo a certain change in the upward direction. When locking mechanisms and locks are too old, outworn and covered with rust, routine repair or unlocking is not an option. It may be necessary to replace the entire lock or at least the damaged components, which will definitely increase the value of the service.

We tried to fix the lock on our own

In our desire to save money, many of us decide to repair or unlock the unintentionally locked lock. The truth is that amateur trials are rarely successful. Most often, more damage is done to the locks (and sometimes even to the doors), which complicates the work of the locksmith and makes the procedure more expensive.

What is the average amount that the locksmith may charge us?

The average for professional locksmith prices varies between $ 140 – $ 200, although sometimes the amount may be much lower or significantly higher. The lowest currently reported price is about $ 60, while the highest is $ 300. The cost of such a service is determined both by the complexity of the locking system and the complexity of the problem, and whether the service is performed in nonworking hours of the company’s or on a holiday.

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