A Lock Replacement Specialist Should Be the First Person You Call When Moving into a New Home

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Moving day can be busy and exciting at the same time. There is so much to think of, so much to do and when you’ve taken the steps to purchase a new property the whole process can become very confusing. There are some priorities that you should consider, however, before making the move into your new home. One of them is making a locksmith appointment so that a professional can be on-site during moving day.

You need to change your locks as soon as you move in. This is a critical part of a move and one that some people overlook in the process. This is your new home and it needs to be protected 100% before it’s too late. You can never really know who has access to your home once you have made your purchase.

Even if you trust the person that you bought the home from with all of your heart, you don’t know who else has keys to the home. If the prior homeowner had a handyman that he trusted, this person may have a set of keys to the home. Perhaps there was a maid that worked there many years ago that was given a set of keys. The homeowner may have also passed on extra keys to his neighbours or family members to hold in case of an emergency. With so many people potentially having access to your new home, it simply makes sense to change the locks as soon as possible.


It only takes a phone call to schedule an appointment with a locksmith on move-in day. You’ll be able to scratch another thing off of your list once it’s done and will be able to comfortably relax in your new home once everything has been moved in. You’ll know for sure that all of your possessions are safe and sound in your new surroundings and will be able to sleep better at night.

Changing the locks is probably already on your moving to-do list but if it isn’t set as a high priority it’s time to move it closer to the top of the list. Having a set of keys to your home that you know aren’t shared by anyone else is an important part of owning your new residence.

If an upcoming move is part of your future please call us at Locksmith Care today for more information about changing the locks on your new home. We’ll make sure that we schedule time on move-in day to be there to keep your new property and possessions safe and sound. Call us at 416-828-2596 or visit our website at locksmithcare.com to get your locks handled on the day of your big move.

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