What would make you think about lock change?

What would make you think about lock change?

We live in a world where the security and the look of the front door are equally important. Since neither of us is willing to compromise either factor, locking hardware producers have taken care to offer durable and secure but also elegant and stylish locks. What would make you think about lock change? Here are some of the most reasonable objectives.


Depending on how precious your personal valuables and company assets are, instead of the less expensive replacement of the lock cylinder you will want to change the lock at a certain moment.  The fact is that lock systems technology is rapidly changing.

With the time, locks become no less functional, but less reliable as a means of protecting against intrusion. Thieves find the weaknesses of modern locks very quickly. Sometimes rekeying is simply not a sufficient security measure. By replacing the old lock with the latest generation locking mechanism, you will achieve the required serenity, at least for a while.




You may consider changing the lock because the one you are currently using is not as beautiful and stylish as you wish. Many people invest more money in the aesthetic look of their property than in its protection. The same applies to the locks of doors of dwellings, offices, shops and any other public areas.

Keep in mind that only beauty is not enough. A large percentage of locking hardware available on the market only counts on good look, ignoring quality. This is fully valid for cheaper products. They are weak and break and corrode easily. The beautiful but inexpensive lock has a small number of opening and closing cycles. It is extremely unsuitable for places with an intense flow of people.


You do not have to wait for your old lock to break totally and then to think about changing it. If the design does not provide the convenience of everyday use, you have a good reason to look for a more comfy option. Classic locks with handles are considerably more comfortable than ball-type models. Even deadbolt mechanisms are now available with removable thumb-turn allowing the lock to operate without grip.

Electronic locking systems are becoming more and more popular precisely because they offer great convenience. However, they do not offer the required level of protection. By deciding to replace the old lock with electronic one, you should also consider installing a security or alarm system.


In conclusion, we will point out that lock change should not be done without the help of an experienced professional locksmith. The locksmith has the knowledge and experience to show you exactly what you need, so make sure you consult one before you take any steps. Know that the locksmith in your neighborhood has access to much better locking systems than the products available in hardware stores. In order to guarantee the long-term and trouble-free operation of the lock, he must also take care of the installation of the new lock.

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