How to be 100% sure that you are hiring a licensed and reliable lock repair specialist in East York Toronto?

locksmith east york torontoLocksmith trade is one of the few where you can happen upon to not only honest and reliable professionals, but also scammers. It is hard for anyone to become an electrician with the intention of later robbing your home or office. Within locksmiths, however, there are many unfair persons, including professional companies that introduce themselves as such. How then are you 100% sure that you are hiring an accredited locksmith in East York Toronto?

The purpose of this article is to protect you from frauds. Recently, in many regions of the country (and also in other countries) there has been a vicious scam practice. Some individuals and locksmiths use corporate websites of local companies, cheating their clients. With little computer knowledge, it is not difficult to direct customers to your own website where other prices and contact phones are available.

The following tips will help you eliminate the fraudsters from the real professionals.

Watch where and how you search

In emergency of locksmith services, including East York Toronto, the easiest way is to find professional help online. Unfortunately, it is precisely where the greater risk is. If you have not used any type of locksmith service before, start asking first your relatives, neighbors and friends. Some of them probably know a local company with good reputation.


When calling, ask for the company name and registration number. Licensed companies always present themselves at answering the phone. If you just hear a “locksmith company / services”, this should make you more alert. Do not ask if the company is called “Sunshine Locksmith” for example, because you will hear a positive answer from the crooks.

Be alert when the professional arrive on the spot

The fact that somebody was trustworthy when you talked with him on the phone does not give you the right to trust blindly to a stranger who has come to unlock (even with a professional stuff) the door of your home. Unless you know the East York Toronto locksmith from previous calls, ask him to present himself with his license or employee card.

Make the locksmith to confirm the price you agreed on the phone. Unless the problem appears to be more complicated than you have described, there should not be difference in the price. If you are told that transport costs or other charges have to be added, please refuse access to your property. All fees should be pre-calculated in the cost of the professional service.

Always use the services of local companies

The locksmith should be treated as a family doctor. He needs to know your locks in detail. It’s illogical for you to look for another specialist every time, and to make a whole bunch of extra worries every time. When you know a specialist, you can be sure that work will be done much faster because he knows the locks in your home.

Local locksmiths, those based in East York have another great advantage – the price. The transport costs are always on the bill and the further the person you are facing is, the more expensive it will be. Speed ​​is another factor you need to consider. Local specialists will come to you within half an hour at most.