Key cutting in Mississauga

Key cutting in Mississauga

Let’s take a look at the following situation: you’ve been recently moved into the beautiful town of Mississauga. The city is located in the southern part of Ontario and is the sixth largest city in Canada. Although its population is about 670,000 people and its territory covers a large area, this city is still considered by some to be a neighborhood of Toronto. As a new resident in the region, at some time you will need a professional key cutting Mississauga.


Every newcomer knows that the first thing he has to do when moving into a new home is to replace the locks of the entrance and other easy accessible  doors and windows of his home. This gives you considerable peace of mind that former occupants of the house, even if they held a key for front door, do not have access to your new home .For this service, it is more reasonable to hire a professional locksmith operating on the territory of the region. If you decide to chose and install a new lock yourself, you will soon be looking for a professional key cutting in Mississauga.

As a rule, keys provided with locks are never enough for every family member. You’ll also need a duplicate if you want to give a key to your loved ones and friends to care for your flowers or pets when you are away from work or home. It also happens to loose your key, so cutting a new one is inevitable. We recommend replacing the lock if you suspect that your key has been stolen.




Making a duplicate of your key is a simple and standard procedure, as long as the lock is mechanical. The service is available in almost every hardware store, but if you are looking for quality and security, it is more sensible to look for a qualified locksmith in the region and visit his workshop.

Key cutting all over the world, is performed with a special machine that is completely inaccessible to persons without professional accreditation. When you turn to a licensed locksmith to make a key duplicate, he will first inquire the serial number of the lock. Professionals use ready-made templates for most of the locks available on the market.

To cut a key you need to put the original key in the vice that is near the guide and to insert the blank key in the vice near the cutting wheel of the key cutting machine. Using the alignment device, the keys are horizontally aligned in the vices to be in precisely the same position in relation to the cutting wheel and guide. The motor is energized and spins the cutting wheel. As the user traces the guide along the cuts of the original key, the key blank is dragged along the cutting wheel, duplicating the cuts on the original. When all the cuts have been cleanly made the process is complete.

The key cutting machine, which your key cutting locksmith in Mississauga uses, performs the operation very quickly. Once the key is cut burrs are removed. For this purpose, again are used special professional tools.

This aims not only to protect you from cutting on the sharp edges of the metal but also to protect your subtle lock from damage. You will surely need a professional to make a new key if you have electronic lock. If you hire an unqualified locksmith for this service you will be at risk of having everyday trouble with your front door lock.

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