Key cutter Toronto – what do we need to know about the service before taking advantage of it?

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  • Key cutter Toronto – what do we need to know about the service before taking advantage of it?
Key cutter Toronto – what do we need to know about the service before taking advantage of it?

How many times have you had to make a key duplicate in your life? If you are of the few who have never used this service of a locksmith, you probably did not own a home, or at least did not take care of the keys. The truth is that very many homeowners and commercial property owners have at least once searched for a key cutter in Toronto because they lost a key, or want to give one to a relative, friend, or employee.

What do we really know about the service? Why is the service so important and why it should be performed in the best possible and correct way? Here, we will try to explain as simply as possible what a key-cutting operation is, which we hope will increase your confidence in professional locksmiths and make you appreciate their work a little more.


Key cutter Toronto is the term used by GTA residents to look for a professional to make a key duplicate for them. Key duplication is the process of creating a new key based on an existing one. “Cutting” is a metalworking term for shaping by removing excess material.



The procedure is as follows: an original key is inserted into the vice that is near the guide and a key blank is inserted in the vice near the cutting wheel. After the key is cut, burrs are removed usually by buffing the key with a rotary wire brush either mounted on the key machine itself or on a grinding machine.

Different key cutting machines are more or less automated; they work with different milling or grinding devices and follow the design of key duplicators from the early 20th century. Cutting is available in many hardware stores and locksmith shops. The operation can be performed even when the original is missing.

Certain keys (such as Medeco products, for example) are designed to be difficult to be duplicated for greater protection against abuse. Others are labeled “Do Not Copy” indicating that they are under special control, but in most countries this instruction is not legally binding.

Each Toronto locksmith studio has a Key Cutter, but it matters who is safe to trust. The code of conduct obliges all members of the locksmith association to require some kind of identification from the client to ensure that they are not complicit in a crime.

Not only you can ask for a duplicate, but also the thieves, so it is important for the professional to make sure that he or she is working with the real owner of the property, not someone who has stolen the key and plans to misuse the duplicate. While it may seem a little inconvenient, it is more correct to trust a locksmith who is too cautious than one who is not interested in what action will be taken with the copy made.

The Key Cutter is an essential part of locksmith equipment. This service is one of the most sought after and important for home, car and commercial property owners. If you haven’t used it yet, you may not need it very soon but now you have the advantage of knowing more about it to choose the right professional.