Key bumping – find out whether your home is protected or not

Key bumping – find out whether your home is protected or not

Locksmith Care is a family company that started its business in 1961. Our company’s portfolio includes residential, commercial, and industrial locksmith services on the territory of Toronto and The Greater Toronto Area.

Our services include re-key, replacement, repair and installation of all kinds of locks, door closers, fire exit devices, high security locks, replacement of digital safe locks,and repair of electrical locks after electrical strike.

You can also rely on us when you are locked out of your home,when you need repair of locks after break-in and maintenance of your Master key system. Our services are numerous, and our customers are particularly satisfied of them.




Imagine there is a way for thieves to enter your home as if you gave them a key. Are you completely convinced that only you have a set of keys from your home? There is an insider secret that is very low-tech that the bad guys know about but you probably don’t. It’s called a bump key and anyone can order them on the Internet for less than $20.

Years ago, this secret was known only by the robbers, but today, thanks to the global network, anyone can understand how to use this kind of keys and get easy access to your home. A simple online search will give criminals the solution they need to gain easy access to every property.

To open a door, you only need to bump the special key. It is a special modified key that fits into every standard lock. Works by bumping the pins in the lock cylinder out of the way so that the key can spin the lock. The news programs, including ABC news, have been covering this story so that unsuspecting homeowners can take adequate precautions.


The best protection against home break-in is the use of a high-quality lock. Not all security locks can be opened with a bump key, and every homeowner should know the difference between the regular lock and the one that provides a high level of protection.

High-end lock is the only way to provide adequate protection against bumping. These locks are pick-resistant, can not be bumped and offer control over duplication of keys. They use patented floating pin technology and criminals simply can not break-in.

If your door is currently with a deadbolt, it’s wise to consider raising the security by adding a secondary  lock. Chain lock, Door Guardian or Latch lock will provide safety for your family and property. Our perfectly trained locksmiths will offer you wide range of locks to suit your budget and needs.

Although it is an investment, installing a secondary lock is a necessity now. If your current lock does not use floating pins,it will only take 30 seconds  for thieves to break-in your home using the Bump key. Your neighbors that are watching will think that you have given one of your own keys to someone with a specific purpose. This is how fast a thief can break into your home and you, as a home owner, need to take the proper precautions to prevent your home from being an easy target.

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