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The occasions when you need an emergency locksmith downtown Тoronto are many and different, but most of all – completely unpredictable. One thing is certain, however –  in each of these situations you will be nervous, you will probably panic and certainly try to solve the problem yourself.

We advise you not to, because the likelihood of doing more damage is great, and that will cost you extra money when you eventually call a professional locksmith. It is also possible to take more time for the locksmiths to remove the damage of the lock you personally caused, so the argument “I’m in a hurry” is not very serious.

How should you react when you have an emergency locking situations?

If you have been unintentionally locked out of your home or workplace, it is important to keep your self-control first. You probably think modern locking systems are more inconvenience than a means of protection, but consider how much peace and comfort they give you in the rest of the time. If you do not have access to a spare key, you will surely have to look for an experienced locksmith downtown Toronto  to come and unlock your door.


What you should not do is:

Trying to unlock by hand or other means

Keys, screwdrivers, hairpins … in movies is a super easy to unlock a door, but in reality it’s impossible to do it without instruments. Even thieves use specially tailored tools (sometimes the same ones that use locksmiths), so do not expect to get any result.

Do not try to neutralize electronic locks with your credit card, this is not possible. You just risk damaging your lock fatally. Instead of wasting precious time in inexperienced attempts to unlock the front door, look for a locksmith downtown Toronto and choose the  one who has the opportunity to arrive at your address the fastest.

Do not force the lock! If you have a key, but the lock is jammed and can not be unlocked, do not apply physical force. So you risk breaking the key and leaving some of it in the lock cylinder. In this case, you will have to pay a higher price for the service because removing a broken key is paid separately. In this way you will have to pay two activities – extracting the broken key and repairing the lock. Every locksmith downtown Toronto will tell you this.

In emergencies, it is good to:

Have the phone of a trusted locksmith with good reputation and experience

Sometimes it’s good to be prepared for any emergency. That means having a good electrician, a plumber, and of course a locksmith, in your phonebook. This eliminates the possibility the hired at random expert to be incompetent, improper, and even a criminal.

Insure yourself by checking companies in the region and selecting one with the best reputation.. Make sure you hire an accredited and insured locksmith downtown  Toronto. The cost of services is a secondary factor and your choice must not be influenced by it.. Often the lowest prices mean lack of license and insurance, and sometimes experience and competence.

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