Commercial lock repair Services – What’s it specifics?

Commercial lock repair Services – What’s it specifics?

Many business owners of offices, shops, restaurants use the services of a commercial locksmith. Why are there two types of services offered by locksmiths? Because the type of activities in both residential and business services is quite different. There are also different locking systems and mechanisms used, which requires that the locksmith have much more knowledge and practical experience. The price for business is also a bit different than for residential locksmith services.

You may be wondering what kind of activity commercial locksmith for factories, offices, buildings, condominium and stores offers. Here are some of the most sought-after types of services among businesses owners.You should keep in mind that the locking systems used are with a very high level of protection against unlawful unlocking.


This happens not only to home and car owners. People working in office buildings are also sometimes locked and have to call an emergency locksmith to help them get in or leave the building or office. Why should they look for a commercial locksmith, not anyone else? Because the locking system may be completely unknown to a person specializing only in unlocking standard mechanical locks. Sometimes the one who can unlock it is the one who installed it.



Installation and repair of all types of locking mechanisms

Every business owner knows that he will need no one else  but a commercial locksmith. This can happen even before moving into the building, when it becomes clear that the available locking hardware is outdated and can not provide the required level of protection.

Companies offering commercial locksmith services know every solution, including high-tech security systems and locks. Not every locksmith can handle a high-tech access control system that is used in almost every business building, and it requires proper professional installation, repair (if needed), and maintenance. Sometimes changes to software settings are required, and they can only be done by a qualified technician.

Lock replacement

Unlike home owners, businesses often have to change an employee’s access rights. Staff often change – one is hired, another leaves. That requires that the new employee be given a key and the one that leaves the company should be restricted  to enter to the building or its premises.

Companies that offer commercial locksmith services do this every day without much effort. Since most locks are electronic, it is not necessary to change the mechanical locks or make new keys, but just to recode the locking system.


Panic Bars are used not only in banks but also in many stores. They transmit  direct signal to the police or to the security company for attempted robbery or physical assault. You probably think that installing a special security system is a priority for security companies, but you’re wrong. Almost every professional company offering commercial locksmith services not only installs, but also repairs and maintains security panic bars.

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