Choose the professional – Locksmithcare will never overcharge you​

Choose the professional – Locksmithcare will never overcharge you​

Family owned business since 1961. 24 7 Residential, Commercial and Industrial locksmith Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Our services include re-key locks, replace and install locks, repair locks, door closer, fire exit devices, high security locks, change combo locks and safes, electrical strikes, lock outs,Braek in Repairs, Master key system and much more.Type your paragraph here.

Why are locksmiths so expensive?

We’ve all been there, asking ourselves this same exact question while contemplating breaking a window to get back inside. After some “serious” deliberating you decided to call a locksmith while still wondering; “Why are locksmiths so expensive?”. There really is a simple answer; they aren’t. Locksmith services are reasonably priced, but with the rise of national locksmith companies consumers are often stuck paying for extra hidden costs.



So what is a national locksmith company?

A national locksmith company (NLC) is a call center service that often appears to be a local business by using a local area code, which then redirects to a call center. National locksmith companies use aggressive sales tactics to overshadow the local tradesmen. They usually own all the large ads in phonebooks and are the top Google listings when searching for a local locksmith. These call center companies sub contract their work back to these same local locksmiths; but tack on extra fees, so you end up paying more to cover the advertising and sub contracting costs! Due to these misleading adverts it is often hard to spot a genuine local business.

Support your local tradesmen.

Dealing with a local locksmith ensures you are getting a quick response from a reliable, trustworthy tradesman who wants to uphold his good reputation. When dealing with a NLC you can be stuck waiting for hours for a locksmith as the contractor they send could be anywhere up to 50 miles away.

Protect yourself!

Local locksmiths will have an employee answer the telephone and can easily give you a quote for their service. A NLC will have a receptionist answer, wanting to know all your details before issuing a quote.  Ask questions about your local area if you aren’t certain that you’ve contact a local locksmith; always contact more than one locksmith for a quote.

Locksmith services have been wrongfully dubbed expensive because of call center type companies; educate yourself on these shady practices and lock your wallet away from these hidden costs. Locksmith Care is here for all of your residential locksmith needs!​

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