Can we trust everyone calling himself lock repair specialist?

Can we trust everyone calling himself lock repair specialist?

All kinds of people practice the profession of a locksmith in Toronto, and this is valid for every part of the world. On the one hand, the service is expensive and, on the other hand, it concerns the locks that protect the property of millions of people. The profession is a source of money, and it attracts individuals with different intentions and moral.

In this article we will view on the factor locksmith Toronto, and we will especially focus on the immoral and even criminal practices that various persons representing themselves as locksmiths use. This article aims to protect you from fraud, consequences of which are often of enormous financial value. We can not ignore the time and the nerves you will have to waste, trying to protect your rights.



Among the unfair practices of the people who represent themselves as locksmiths Toronto, are:


Many people offering locksmith services in the Toronto area are not officially registered among companies based in the city and the surrounding area. Looking for a local company, you may come across dubious people who are representing a professional company based in Toronto, but in fact it will turn out to be a person or a group of people who do not have a legal business but just have advertised similar services.

By hiring an unlicensed company, you fall into that category of locksmiths Toronto who have entered the business through the back entrance. It is possible that these are criminals whose purpose is to rob your home or office. Looking for locksmith services, it is good to bet on a company that has an office or studio in the Toronto area.

Toronto licensed locksmiths arrive with company cars, wear a uniform with their company logo, and are required to submit a company accreditation. If the locksmith you have called does not meet these requirements, you must refuse his assistance. While you are in a dead end, it is more important to be cautious. Better to wait another hour or two in the rain instead of risking the loss of your property.


It is likely behind the locksmith Toronto to hide cheaters who deceive people who have fallen into an unpleasant situation. Fraud consists of the prices of their services. Every day are received complaints from customers who were told to pay amounts ranging from $ 300 to $ 500 for a service that actually costs a maximum of $100.

Part of the practice of fraudsters is to replace locks when it is not necessary. The client has been forced to pay about $ 100 for a new lock, which is available for $ 20 at Home Depot or another hardware store. For the job, fraudsters charge much more than licensed and honest company. Emergency unlock rates are up to $ 200, while for licensed companies the price is about $ 80.

By typing the phrase locksmiths Toronto on the internet, it is good to target those who have a company website that lists the prices of all services – emergency and standard. In case you have time and opportunity, you can call the company personally and ask how much you will pay for a service, plus the transport cost of the visit.

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