Adams Rite Locks Security Tips

Adams Rite Locks Security Tips

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There are few things you have to make sure are done properly if you have Adams Rite deadbolt locks on your commercial property.

Mortise cylinder Security rings

Most of the times I do one of this locks. The one thing which is not done properly is the security ring . If you use one of this aluminum spacers when you install the cylinder you lower your security by at least 80%. Why? The only thing keeping the cylinder in place is a set screw and if you have a regular mortise cylinder ( and even worst if you mortise cylinder is one of those with aluminum housing) the grove where the set screw goes is very shallow and because you don’t have a proper security ring install you can squeeze the cylinder with wise grip and undo the cylinder by breaking the set screw or simply demolishing the thread on the cylinder. Once the cylinder is down you can open the lock with anything. Please see Picture 1 below.



Mortise cylinder Security rings

You can see on Picture 2 the cylinder sinks into the security ring which is hard steel and spins freely around the cylinder preventing grabbing the cylinder with wise grip. 

Set screw.

Let say every 3rd or 4th call I do with that kind of locks I’m really surprise that the lock is missing the set screw which is very unsecure . When somebody do some work on your door make sure they use the set screw. Most of the time when they change the cylinder they break the set screw or cross the thread and they thing if we make it very tight it will be OK, well is unacceptable just to screw tight the cylinder in place.

Spacing between door and door frame

The last thing you may consider to improve security on your commercial door is the latch guardian. If you have a gap greater then 1/8” you have to install latch guard because there is a way to manipulate that kind of lock through that gap. If you have any questions fell free to call us anytime.

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