Schlage Primus


Primus XP - the highest level of protection

Primus XP is a sidebar cylindrical mechanism with the highest degree of protection for Schlage. Its purpose is to provide an extra level of security and control to any format of Schlage cylinder. In addition to its ability to neutralize unregulated key duplication, Primus also has features that make the cylinder pick-resistant. Primus offers nine different levels of protection, making it ideal for any application where it is necessary to increase the security level.

Primus XP includes products with a large number of UL437 physical security enhancements. This enables optimal use of Schlage locking security systems to ensure the highest level of protection. With Primus XP products, anyone can control the patented side bit milling design of Schlage brand locking systems individually, based on both the protection needs of their property and the geographic region in which they are located.

Primus XP exclusivity



Primus® XP Levels

Cylinder and key ordering process


Everest 29™



End user



Dealer controlled





through any authorized Schlage dealer


dealer from distributor



code (first 3 digits)

agreement and initial Primus XP inventory order

through originating Primus XP dealer only

to provide Primus XP I.D. and keyway section name or number

 To dealer from factory




End user controlled



(not exclusive)

purchase of 59 or fewer cylinders

signed face sheet with order specifying keyway to any Primus XP authorized

to provide end user’s Primus XP I.D. and keyway section name or number

user determined



code (first 2 digits)

Initial purchase of 60 or
more cylinders




purchase of 2,000 or more cylinders or alternative fee based arrangement




purchase of 4,000 or more cylinders or alternative fee based arrangement

Conventional key in lever cylinders

Conventional key-in-lever cylinders

  • Solid brass and hardened stainless steel housing
  • 9 mortise cylinder cam options
  • 13 mortise and rim cylinder face finishes
  • 4 plug face finish options

Conventional Schalge cylinders provide exceptional flexibility to the modular design, as with them, a cylinder is the basis of any Schlage key-in-lever lock system.

FSIC Interchangeable Core Cylinders

FSIC Interchangeable Core Cylinders

  • All brass cylinders and housings
  • 6-pin
  • 9 mortise options for the cylinder cam
  • 10 mortise and rim cylinder housing face finishes
  • 4 finishing options for the core

Schlage's full-size, interchangeable cores are based on the industry standard plug  diameter of ½ inch.This makes them compatible with the various Schlage locking systems.

SFIC interchangeable core cylinders

  • 7-pin
  • Cylinder and housing all made of brass
  • 9 mortise options for the cylinder cam
  • 10 mortise and rim cylinder housing face finishes
  • 3 core finish options

The Schlage SFIC interchangeable core cylinders are based on the industry standard SFIC plug diameter size which is less than ½",. Thus, the Schlage cores can be used in place of Best, Falcon, and other SFIC cores on competitive locksets.

SL Cylinders

SL Cylinders

  • 7-pin
  • Solid brass construction and hardened stainless steel housings
  • Comply with Schlage Modular Components and can be used as a key-in-lever, rim or mortise cylinder

SL cylinders are full-size key-in-lever cylinders compatible with the SFIC A2 key system. This type of cylinder allows a large number of locking systems to be unified as one without the need to replace the cylindrical lock hardware.

Schlage Everest 29 ™ keyways

Benefits of using Everest 29 ™ keyways:

  • Patent protection until 2029
  • Key duplication with standard (basic) key making equipment
  • Multi-lever key hierarchy and cylinders corresponding to a wide range of locks
  • Through-cut technology is at the root of the undercut key design
  • The control spike added to the cylinder improves the physical protection of the lock
  • 20% thicker key for greater strength
  • Reversible with Everest® keyways
  • A large installed base of legacy Everest and Everest 29 keyways
  • Compatible with a large number of competing trademark locking systems

The key systems Everest 29 protect you from unwanted duplication of the key in two ways. First of all, the key parts of this series are strictly controlled by Allegion, which means that only authorized dealers have access to them. On the other hand, it is a patented product in which patent protection discourages duplication of design - a crime subject to federal law enforcement.

Everest 29 systems are available both as open and restricted keys, providing the level of security you need for each application.


Schlage cylinders with Primus XP features


  • Adds patent protection to 2024 g for Schlage's Classic Obverse keyways
  • The unique design of side tooth milling allows the trader or end user to customize locking to the geographic region
  • Standard Schlage pins are used, so no special key duplication equipment is required
  • Depending on the exclusivity level, the keys are marked with a tracking ID
  • Multi-level key hierarchy and cylinders covering a wide range of locks
  • Independent sidebar locking mechanisms and lock button increase blocking and impact resistance
  • Fully compatible with all Everest and Everest 29 locks
  • Compatible with a wide range of competitive brand locking systems

Since many critical entry points and particularly sensitive areas require additional protection, Schlage cylinders with added Primus XP features can be used to increase the level of physical protection and administrative control. Even the open type Schlage - Classic Obverse switches can achieve the same level of physical protection offered by Everest 29 keys with Primus XP cylinder characteristics.

Patented Everest 29 SL Schlage cylinder

  • The patented L-pin design allows the SFIC key Everest 29® to fit in any conventional cylinder
  • Allows Primus XP's exclusivity and physical security features to be deployed in SFIC-based facilities
  • The locking side bar mechanism increases the blocking and impact resistance
  • Standard (basic) equipment for making key duplicates
  • SL cylinders meet all Schlage and Falcon® cylindrical locks
  • Backward compatible with the Everest B keyway family
  • Compatible with a large number of competitive brand locking systems

Exclusive SL cylinder makes it possible to combine separate multi-compartment complexes into a Restrictive Key System A2 to be upgraded to a Primus XP degree of protection. Whether you use conventional key-in-lever cylinders and Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) in a building complex, you can replace conventional cylinders with new 7-inch SL cylinders and, if necessary, upgrade to Schlage's SFIC under one common locking system.

Instead of replacing the installed cylindrical latches, only cylinders can be replaced, which saves labor, time and finances.